SERVTEC’s success story was built on the ability to envision and detect opportunities as well as its entrepreneurial spirit to overcome challenges and anticipate the market’s fluctuations. It is a 100% Brazilian company that has contributed to Brazil’s sustainable development for more than 45 years.

With a balanced administration and solid financial planning, for almost half a century SERVTEC has been on a path of growth and leadership in its market, having overcome various economic and political adversities that hit the country during this period. The company focuses on high quality and reliable services, as well as being committed to deadlines and remuneration of its shareholders and investment partners.

SERVTEC has a broad portfolio of projects carried out throughout the country regarding system utilities, building, industrial and commercial,  security and automation, clinical and hospital engineering, systems facilities, operation and maintenance of residential and industrial buildings.

When it comes to energy, the company performs in design, feasibility, implementation and operation of power generation plants by renewable sources (wind and hydro) and thermal generation (oil and natural gas).

SERVTEC is proud to always employ the best practices and technologies for the preservation of the environment as well as to promote social development in the regions where it operates.

A clear demonstration of SERVTEC’s commitment to fulfilling its projects was the implementation of its first wind farm, Bons Ventos Taíba (Good Winds Taíba), in 2008, located in the State of Ceará. The enterprise was built on a remote region of São Gonçalo do Amarante, on an area made up of large sand dunes. The fact that the company succeeded in bringing 8 wind generating towers, 80 meters tall each, and propellers measuring 88 meters from tip to tip, highlights its ability to overcome major logistical challenges.

Roads had to be built so that large tractor-trailers could get to the site, take huge cranes to assemble the structure as well as to develop the entire infrastructure surrounding the area in order to support the workers.

The laying of the concrete base and the construction of structures on an unstable ground were great feats of engineering.

SERVTEC delivered the project within the planned timeframe. After that, it built another plant in Ceará, Parque Eólico Bons Ventos Aracati (Good Winds Aracati Wind Park), with 67 wind turbines that reached the highest mark in wind farm power generation in Brazil and Latin America in 2011.

These are just two examples that show SERVTEC’s competence and reliability.

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BUSINESS Power generation opportunities development.

MISSION To add value to customers’ and partners’ businesses by developing trusted opportunities with efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.


  • Commitment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • People appreciation
  • Trustworthy relations
  • Pursuit of excellence

VISION To be recognized, in the market in which we operate, for our execution and competence.

STRATEGY SERVTEC will position itself as a leading company in the development of power generation opportunities for its technical competence, recognition in the market and history of high quality projects.

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– Mechanical Engineer – Universidade Federal do Ceará (Federal University of Ceará)
– Management for Entrepreneurs and Presidents program – Harvard University
– President of ABEEólica – 2008/2010 (currently VP of International Affairs)
– Member of GWEC (Global Wind Energy) Council
– Founder of SERVTEC


– Production Engineer – FEI, (Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial) (Industrial Engineering University) specialized in operations
– Former President of ABRAVA (Brazilian Association of Air Conditioning and Ventilation)
– Joined SERVTEC in 1984


– Economist – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
– Director of banks and commercial companies
– Member of SPEs’ Board of Directors
– Joined SERVTEC in 2001


– Mechanical Engineer – Universidade Estadual Julio Mesquita (Julio Mesquita State University), specialized in energy efficiency
– Former President of ABESCO
– Joined SERVTEC in 1998



– Business Administration – Universidade de Fortaleza (University of Fortaleza)
– MBA – Massachusetts Institute of Techology (MIT Sloan)
– President of CONAJE (2007/2008)
– Joined SERVTEC in 2000


– Civil Engineer – Universidade de Fortaleza (University of Fortaleza)
– MBA – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan)
– President of YPO-WPO Paulista Chapter (2014/2015)
– Joined SERVTEC in 2000

REGINALDO VINHA – New Businesses Director  

– Mechanical Engineer – Universidade Estadual Julio Mesquita (Julio Mesquita State University), specialized in energy efficiency
– Former President of ABESCO
– Joined SERVTEC in 1998

WILSON MELODirector of Engineering

– Metallurgical Engineering – Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (Mauá Institute of Technology)
– MBA in project management – FGV/UCLA
– More than 30 years of experience in implementation, operation, and maintenance of industrial plants
– Joined SERVTEC in 2005

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A word from our founder

Our energy drives Brazil’s sustainable growth.

Boldness, ethics, and pioneering are some of the values that have always guided Grupo SERVTEC (SERVTEC Group) on its 45 year journey. In 2014, we are still full speed ahead, transforming adversities into learning.

The company began in Fortaleza, Ceará, in 1969, with its activities initially focused in the pools, when Brazil was just being introduced to cutting edge technology in construction, lighting, and water treatment. We were pioneers in the building of swimming pools in the state, both for homes and country clubs.

After that, we moved to thermal energy, operating in central air conditioning and refrigeration industry, having the family structure as a foundation and being literally hands on.

From Ceará, we rapidly expanded our operations throughout the Brazilian Northeastern region, and then to the Brazilian Midwest, arriving in Brasília at a time when central air conditioning was only starting to be introduced in all buildings. It’s important to note that these buildings, having been designed by Oscar Niemeyer, were never made to hold such systems.

In 1987, we had the opportunity to take over the assets of Ceibrasil, a company based in Rio de Janeiro, pioneering in central air conditioning. It is considered the birthplace of the best technicians in the industry, and is also responsible for most of the largest central air conditioning works done in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Brasília.

With Ceibrasil’s technology in industrial refrigeration and ventilation, we started performing a series of very important works, among them, the biggest in the sector in Latin America. Other than installing a 9,000TR refrigeration system, we also renovated and updated various plants in the Brahma factory, including a complete substitution of their refrigeration system. All this went on without any interruption in the factory’s operations.

During this journey, we felt the need to install our headquarters in São Paulo, Latin America’s largest industrial center, where we could meet the demands of the entire country.

Afterward, we entered the automation sector focusing on installations in commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, among others.

From refrigeration to energy generation

In the early 2000s, because of the commoditization of activities and its effect on the industry, using our team’s great technical potential and know-how, we saw the need to redirect our operations. In a newly devised strategic plan, we concluded that our business’s strong suit was “working with energy”! We realized it would be possible to take advantage of our excellent technical staff, made up of engineers graduated in the USA and Germany, and extend our service to customers to offer a complete solution in energy cogeneration.

Our next step was to partner up with my friend Ralph Bradley, an entrepreneur with experience in exploration, production, gas distribution and cogeneration, and his company Eastern Group forming the Bradley Energy International LLC, a joint venture in the USA. BEI’s main objective was fundraising in the international market to invest in Grupo SERVTEC’s clients’ demands in cogeneration plants in Brazil when it came to shopping malls, hospitals, airports and factories. It was a big change in our operations, from being a contractor to becoming an investor in electric generation plants, cold water for air conditioning and refrigeration.

In 2001 though, despite a devastating crisis that hit the country’s electricity sector, Grupo SERVTEC saw a great growth opportunity and participated in the Programa de Energia Emergencial (Emergency Energy Program). SERVTEC was awarded an energy selling (PPA) contract of 4 years. Through its subsidiary, Ceará Geradora de Energia (Ceará Energy Generator) (CGE), SERVTEC implemented a combination of plants that summed up 127MW of power. Within 90 days, we installed 9 plants with 81 Cummins power modules in the surroundings of Fortaleza, Ceará.

Afterward, when the Federal Government called to remedy the lack of energy in Manaus, we were the only company to respond. We decided to transfer our plants from Ceará to Manaus. It was a daring task! We had to, once again, license new areas, dismantle, transport, build parks and reassemble units in Manaus, within 90 days.

Our courage and determination were rewarded because with the experience and knowledge acquired from the long CGE operation in Manaus, we qualified to participate in a tough competition promoted by Eletronorte, aiming at the implementation of 5 power plants in Manaus, with large plants and 20-year contracts. In this instance, we were awarded the contract to invest, implement and operate Gera Amazonas, our first large 85MW plant to operate in a continuous fashion, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our first big power plant.

So, in addition to performing in the engineering sector, creating custom solutions for clients coming from the 500 largest companies in the country, we also started investing in the energy industry when it came to conception, project development, implementation and operation of renewable sources (wind and hydro) and thermal (oil and natural gas) power plants.

Sustainable energy

All our projects always take environmental sustainability and social development into account.

Like all people from Ceará, I have a strong connection with the wind. Perhaps, for this reason, we were one of the first Brazilian companies in the country to invest in wind energy generation. Wind energy is considered one of the cleanest sources of energy on the planet and appears to be an ideal solution to complement hydroelectric plants, preventing crises in the industry due to seasonal effects of rainfall.

Currently, wind is the second cheapest electricity source in the nation, and Brazil stands as the lowest-priced country in the wind industry in the world!

We started our activities in the sector with 100% Brazilian financing through the Programa de Incentivo às Fontes Alternativas de Energia Elétrica, PROINFA (Incentive for Alternate Sources of Electric Energy Program). It was a program established by the Union to broaden the Brazilian energy matrix and explore the great potential wind generation has in Brazil. In 2001, we succeeded in getting a 20-year contract with Eletrobrás.

We created the Bons Ventos Geradora de Energia (Good Winds Energy Generator) made up of two parks, Taíba and Aracati, in Ceará, that totaled up to 155MW of power. Using pioneering technology, we were the first to build an energy park on sand dunes, a major business and financial challenge with investments worth US$ 400 million.

In 2011, Bons Ventos Aracati (Good Winds Aracati), in Ceará, became the largest wind power generation plant in Brazil and Latin America. Combined, Aracati I, II and III, they produce a total of 502,000MWh a year, enough power supply for a city with a population of 1,500,000 inhabitants.

At the same time, we developed and invested in another power plant, Gera Maranhão, with 331MW of power installed using heavy oil fuel, giving support to the national interconnected System.

In February 2012, CPFL Renováveis acquired Bons Ventos (Good Winds) wind farms, closing a circle of successful investments in that field.


Grupo SERVTEC has been in the market for over 45 years and acts primarily based on moral and ethical principles.


– respect our clients and employees
– are environmentally responsible
– take our work seriously
– stand by what we promise

Future plans

Our challenge is to innovate every day. Being independent is one of the bases of economic development in any country, therefore, we have to rely on cheap, permanent and renewable sources of energy.

Brazil is one of the few countries that can count on energy self-sufficiency. With an extremely favorable geographical location, it has natural resources for exploring wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric sources of energy, and with the pre-salt layer, possibly natural gas as well.

Working with energy is in our core in our present and future. That is the focus of our business. We have the expertise for it and we like what we do.

According to Muhammad Yunes, Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2006, “the only way to end the misery in the world is through economic development. And economic growth only comes with the existence of abundant, cheap, and mostly renewable energy.” Therefore, the power generation sector ahead of us has huge export potential.

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