Passion Fruit Processing Workshops

In the workshop cycle for the passion fruit processing, the residents of Águas Belas and Serro Azul learned how to make mousse, cake, jelly and liquor. There were six meetings, between October 30 and November 14, 2014, which brought together more than 80 stakeholders.

At the first workshop of the cycle, for the production of passion fruit mousse, the participants made contact with ANVISA standards regarding food handling. The cleaning of the equipment and the kitchen, the cleaning techniques of the ingredients, and procedures for the safety of the cooks were demonstrated.

At the next meeting, the participants made passion fruit cake. The values ​​of the ingredients, equipment expenses and other production costs were measured in a product pricing exercise, with percentages and profit calculations.

In the last workshop were produced jelly and liqueur. Methods were presented for the storage, sterilization and sealing of the glass pots and explored various selling techniques.