The workforce in a society is the element that makes it a living organism capable of transforming itself and also modifying the environment around it. Aware of the importance of economic independence for social development and always keeping an eye on the demands of the labor market and the vocation of local entrepreneurship and valuing the talents of the household, SERVTEC offered courses in several areas from June to November 2011 for Communities around the Bons Ventos Wind Power Plant, in Aracati, Ceará.

The training was an opportunity for the inhabitants to improve their skills and follow the teachings, generating income for the family and helping the community grow. The quality of the courses and the support of the training were guaranteed by SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) , An important partner in this job that certified the courses.

Those interested in the area of ​​gastronomy improve the knowledge in the preparation of dishes typical of the local cuisine and preferred by the tourists. With the direction of Antônio Calixto, owner of the first restaurant of Canoa Quebrada “Tenda do Cumbe”, 32 participants spent a weekend learning techniques of preparation and assembly of dishes with seafood that fill the mouth and eyes.

In July, the Cutting and Sewing Course was carried out with an hourly load of 80 hours. 26 students received the guidance of Prof. Bertha Cruz and produced beautiful pieces of women’s and children’s fashion, as well as basic modeling and sewing techniques, fundamental for improving the commercialization of one of the main local talents: the labyrinth.

Addressing the need for a skilled workforce in the region, Professor Jane Mary taught two courses that will surely make the population more beautiful: in August, the Manicure Course was held with a 40 hour workload and 25 students. In September and October, it was the turn of 25 students to learn hairdressing techniques, with a workload of 80 hours.